Often patients think they are “too old” to undergo LASIK or, perhaps, a previous eye surgery would preclude them from being a good candidate. Just yesterday a 69 year old woman came into the office for her one month postoperative visit after having LASIK in both of her eyes.

What makes her case interesting is that she had previous cataract surgery performed on both of her eyes many years earlier by another doctor. While there were no problems with her cataract surgery, it was done prior to the advent of the specialty multifocal and accommodative lens implants that can allow patients increased freedom from spectacles.

In this patient’s case, she was wearing glasses for both distance and near vision. With LASIK, we were able to correct her nearsightedness and astigmatism, while inducing a monovision effect (correcting her non-dominant left eye for near vision) that enables her to read without glasses.

“After careful evaluation and exploration of our options”, Dr. Davidorf stated, “This patient is now completely glasses free and incredibly happy with her new vision.”