For millions of women around the world, wearing makeup is a natural part of their day-to-day routine – a quick dab of foundation, a fresh coat of lipstick along with an application of mascara to make the eyes stand out. While many women consider makeup one of their essentials for personal care and beauty, not all of them realize that he the cosmetics require just as much maintenance as they do.

The job of makeup is to make a woman look fresh and radiant. However, if the makeup is causing infections, allergic reactions and injury to the eye, it’s doing exactly the opposite of what it is intended for. Eye problems caused by makeup can range from minor irritations to tearing and watering of the eyes, and even loss of vision.

Fortunately, the care of eye makeup is very simple, yet very important, toward maintaining healthy eyes. Below are some cosmetic tips:

Keep Makeup Clean

Always tighten lids and caps of containers after use in order to prevent a breeding ground for bacteria. Also, if cosmetics have fallen on the floor or leaked onto another product, be sure to discard those products to prevent dusty and debris from entering eyelids and lashes.

Never Share Makeup

While this gesture seems harmless, it can actually lead to unfamiliar germs that may be hazardous to the eyes. Also, never use a”tester” product at cosmetic counters that does not have single-use applicators such as sample sticks or cotton swabs.

Keep Still When Applying Makeup

Never apply makeup in the car even as a passenger. If the car were to stop suddenly, hit a bump, etc. there is a strong possibility that mascara or an eye pencil could go into the eye creating a corneal abrasion or worse.

Discard Expired Makeup

All cosmetics should be thrown away every six months to prevent spread of bacteria. Also, always remember to use a fresh applicator when purchasing new products.

When used properly, eye makeup is a great way to accentuate beauty and enhance personal appearance. However, for vision protection and eye care, practice proper maintenance of cosmetic products.