The May issue of the Journal of Refractive Surgery (Utine et. al.) highlights an article detailing the use of LASIK in farsighted (hyperopic) children with amblyopia (lazy eye). The authors studied 32 children, ages 4 to 15 years and found the results effective and safe for the management of select cases.

Dr Jonathan Davidorf published one of the original cases of hyperopic LASIK in children (Journal of Cataract and Refractive Surgery, November 2000). He emphasizes that LASIK can only be considered as an option for children if conventional treatments (glasses, contact lenses) have failed.

In 2002, Dr. Davidorf performed the LASIK procedure on a child under 3 years of age who was referred to him by his pediatric ophthalmologist in New York. “The key to amblyopia treatment,” said Dr. Davidorf, “is to intervene at a young age. Fortunately, conventional treatments work extremely well, obviating the need for LASIK in the vast majority of children.”