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The average eye exam takes about 30 minutes to an hour depending on a person’s unique health situation. Getting an eye exam once a year is probably the best thing you can do for your preventative eye care, but many people fail to go not just once a year, but every two years or more. The most commonly cited excuse? You guessed it: we’re just too busy.

But are we really? Sure, securing an eye exam appointment at a convenient time can be a pain, but are we being completely sincere when we say that we can’t find the time? It only takes an hour, once a year, to see an eye doctor for an exam. That hour could catch a potentially devastating eye disease before it causes damage. To provide some perspective, consider these common activities in the context of the time it takes to get an eye exam.

In the time it takes to watch an average crime drama, you could figure out the cause of those annoying headaches.

The average crime drama takes about an hour including commercials. You would be hard pressed to find a person who doesn’t spend at least a few hours a year watching a favorite TV show whether it’s an investigative drama, a quirky sitcom, or a guilty pleasure reality TV show. In the time it takes to watch just one episode of your favorite show, you could see an eye care professional for an exam to figure out what the cause of your pesky headaches are. Oftentimes, irritating headaches are caused by eye strain from struggling to see clearly and can be solved by obtaining the right prescription for your glasses. Compared to finding a fictional killer that will do nothing for your health, doesn’t this sound like a much better mystery to solve?

In the time it takes to grab a quick happy hour drink with a colleague, you can check to see if you are developing glaucoma.

Prescribing the right lenses for your glasses is a common reason for regular eye exams, but they are not the only reason. In fact, regular eye exams can ensure that tragic eye diseases are detected before they become a permanent problem. Glaucoma is one disease that is particularly frightening, mostly for its tendency to occasionally sneak up on people without any prior symptoms.

During your eye exam, your eye doctor can check your eye pressure and take a close look at your optic nerve to make sure there aren’t any signs of glaucoma. While glaucoma cannot be prevented or cured, its effects can be delayed and catching it early increases your chances of avoiding complete blindness. Glaucoma can be kept under control using a variety of treatment options including pills, drops, and surgical procedures.

In the time it takes to go workout at the gym, an eye exam can determine whether you are suffering from Age-Related Macular Degeneration (AMD).

If you’re getting older, you’re most likely more concerned with staying in good health and good shape. While staying active is a great way to ensure this, sacrificing one of those daily sessions to get an eye exam can help prevent another kind of degeneration: AMD.

Age-related macular degeneration typically affects individuals over the age of 60. The macula is a part of the retina that starts to deteriorate for those suffering from AMD. It does not lead to total blindness, but it can significantly impair your vision, which is an unpleasant experience that can compromise the independence you value. Early detection thanks to an eye exam can stall the effects of AMD through a variety of treatment options.

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