Comprehensive Eye Exams

What to Expect from a Comprehensive Eye ExamComprehensive Eye Exams Los Angeles

During a comprehensive ophthalmologic examination, patients can expect to be in the office for approximately 1.5 hours. A medical history will be taken, followed by a measurement of your vision. If you wear glasses or contact lenses, it is important for you to bring these with you.

A sequence of tests to determine the health of your eyes will be performed. Many general medical conditions and even certain medications can generate abnormal findings on an eye exam. Your eyes will be dilated, so expect increased light sensitivity and blurred vision for a few hours following the exam. Most patients are still capable of driving after the exam, but, if you have concerns, it is important that you make arrangements in advance.

Patients who are seen for surgical consultations will require additional testing and counseling, so the process is somewhat lengthier. We strive to do our best to be efficient, but thoroughness is our most important goal.

Many medical insurance plans cover comprehensive ophthalmology examinations. Our office staff will be glad to help guide you through this process.