I sit in synagogue and see vividly my grandson Joseph Samuel's lovely face and amazing smile as he read the opening prayer at his Bar Mitzvah. Never had I imagined that my eyes could witness all of this without glare interference or squinting. In other words, I was at the core of the universe with my new eyes!

The Chagall windows were a mixture: blue, yellow and pink coloring that shined like a magnificent rainbow. The golden menorah and sparkling Ner Tamid came alive in splendid radiance.

As I stood for the Torah reading, my oldest grandson, Jacob and Joseph were both on the altar reciting "Go Forth." I read their perfect Hebrew from the prayer book and realized how fortunate I had been to be treated by an amazing surgeon.

I gave thanks for my many blessings: My grandsons lived in a country where worship was practiced; Toby, my youngest grandson, looked "cool" in his purple jacket and blond hair; My daughter Kim and my Son, Andy are wonderful parents and role models.

A wonderful doctor, Jonathan Davidorf continues his miraculous work and allows many more patients to see the Light after restoring their vision.

There is a song: "What a difference a day makes only 24-hours." My vision has returned to normal as it was in the past. As for now, everything smells like cotton candy and youth. Remember! Seventy is the new forty with luminosity!

- Suzy Hersk Handler

I just wanted to take the time to say thank you for everything regarding my Lasik surgery. I have always been impressed by the great staff and office flow and wasn't disappointed during these past couple of months.

During my first consultation, I was very impressed with Debra Samalot's knowledge and level of professionalism. When I came in for my pre-op appointment, I was given step-by-step information and directions, and even watched a DVD on what to expect and how the procedure would take place. On the day of the surgery, I was greeted with friendly faces and was reassured that all would be OK. Everyone, from reception to the nurses, were caring and sympathetic to my needs and concerns.

Dr. Davidorf is great, from his advice and reasons for going with Monovision, to his professional and calming demeanor in the procedure room, and as I had been told in advance, the procedure itself was painless. Dr. Davidorf spoke with me the whole time about what was happening, and what to expect next. I was amazed when they were finished, that I could immediately see clearly without contacts.

I recommended Dr. Davidorf and your office to both family and friends.

- Steve Chouinard
Pratt & Whitney Rocketdyne

I want to thank you and your very professional staff for the wonderful care I received. I ended up having cataract surgery to correct my poor eye sight.

I was so impressed by every department that I dealt with. I have forgotten the names of the people that I dealt with but they are all so professional and caring about their jobs. It started with the front desk, another gentleman who evaluated my sight, the person who arranged financing, the doctor and even the continued care afterwards.

Thank you so much,

- Gayle Hensley

Words can't express how grateful we are that you were able to help our son, Nicholas. If it were not for doctors like you that are willing to take a chance, our son would be blind today.
Thank you for taking a chance and being one of those doctors that think outside the box.
We are forever grateful,

- Nicole and Harry Yaacoubian

I am extremely pleased with the improvement of vision in both of my eyes. Especially after being able to pass the DMV eye test without wearing corrective lenses! I am very grateful for all that Dr. Jonathan Davidorf and everyone at Davidorf Eye Group did for me.

The laser correction in my right eye and Visiogen Synchrony dual optics lens and subsequent laser correction in my left eye have made it possible for me to no longer have to wear glasses.

Thank you so much,

- Susan Hernandez (BIOPTICS)

My personal experience with Davidorf Eye Group is one beyond excellence on all accounts. In fact, there is not one person that does not have the word ?beloved? before their names to describe how truly special they are. Together, and individually, they work as a team with the highest level of professionalism, knowledge, courtesy and the most caring hearts. A true example of what other offices should follow. I have never had this amount of complete confidence with any place of medical or business prior to my experience at Davidorf Eye Group. Each doctor and staff member in every single area including front reception, back office, scheduling and optical ? simply everyone, excels at what they do. I truly have a very special place in my heart for everyone there. I can not recommend anyone more highly. Davidorf Eye Group is the best!

- Susan Block

I am writing to commend you for my recent cataract removal and ReSTOR lens implant surgery. For my entire life I have had severe nearsightedness. In recent years, I have also had severe astigmatism, plus farsightedness. Prior to the surgery, my best results came from gas permeable multifocal lenses.

The idea of surgery frightened me. I was fearful of the procedure and also of the consequences if it went wrong. I was sick and tired, however, of having to depend upon contacts and glasses. Initially, we were thinking LASIK, but, since you discovered the beginning of cataracts, we went instead with cataract surgery and ReSTOR multifocal lens implants. You discussed the expectations of the surgery and mentioned that I may need glasses after the procedure.
Everything has exceeded my expectations. First, the surgery could hardly have been easier, less painful or less stressful. It took very little time and was entirely stress-free.

Second, the results of the surgery have been stunning. For the first time in my life, I have 20/20 vision. Other than using non-prescription sunglasses outside, I have no need for any kind of glasses or contact lenses. My vision now is better than it was with the multifocal gas permeable lenses. My vision now is better than it was in grade school!

- Richard Gibson

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