Patient Testimonials

I sit in synagogue and see vividly my grandson Joseph Samuel’s lovely face and amazing smile as he read the opening prayer at his Bar Mitzvah. Never had I imagined that my eyes could witness all of this without glare interference or squinting. In other words, I was at the core of the universe with my new eyes!

The Chagall windows were a mixture: blue, yellow and pink coloring that shined like a magnificent rainbow. The golden menorah and sparkling Ner Tamid came alive in splendid radiance.

As I stood for the Torah reading, my oldest grandson, Jacob and Joseph were both on the altar reciting “Go Forth.” I read their perfect Hebrew from the prayer book and realized how fortunate I had been to be treated by an amazing surgeon.

I gave thanks for my many blessings: My grandsons lived in a country where worship was practiced; Toby, my youngest grandson, looked “cool” in his purple jacket and blond hair; My daughter Kim and my Son, Andy are wonderful parents and role models.

A wonderful doctor, Jonathan Davidorf continues his miraculous work and allows many more patients to see the Light after restoring their vision.

There is a song: “What a difference a day makes only 24-hours.” My vision has returned to normal as it was in the past. As for now, everything smells like cotton candy and youth. Remember! Seventy is the new forty with luminosity!
– Suzy Hersk Handler

I just wanted to take the time to say thank you for everything regarding my Lasik surgery. I have always been impressed by the great staff and office flow and wasn’t disappointed during these past couple of months.

During my first consultation, I was very impressed with Debra Samalot’s knowledge and level of professionalism. When I came in for my pre-op appointment, I was given step-by-step information and directions, and even watched a DVD on what to expect and how the procedure would take place. On the day of the surgery, I was greeted with friendly faces and was reassured that all would be OK. Everyone, from reception to the nurses, were caring and sympathetic to my needs and concerns.

Dr. Davidorf is great, from his advice and reasons for going with Monovision, to his professional and calming demeanor in the procedure room, and as I had been told in advance, the procedure itself was painless. Dr. Davidorf spoke with me the whole time about what was happening, and what to expect next. I was amazed when they were finished, that I could immediately see clearly without contacts.

I recommended Dr. Davidorf and your office to both family and friends.
– Steve Chouinard
Pratt & Whitney Rocketdyne

I want to thank you and your very professional staff for the wonderful care I received. I ended up having cataract surgery to correct my poor eye sight.

I was so impressed by every department that I dealt with. I have forgotten the names of the people that I dealt with but they are all so professional and caring about their jobs. It started with the front desk, another gentleman who evaluated my sight, the person who arranged financing, the doctor and even the continued care afterwards.

Thank you so much,
– Gayle Hensley

Words can’t express how grateful we are that you were able to help our son, Nicholas. If it were not for doctors like you that are willing to take a chance, our son would be blind today.
Thank you for taking a chance and being one of those doctors that think outside the box.
We are forever grateful,
– Nicole and Harry Yaacoubian

I am extremely pleased with the improvement of vision in both of my eyes. Especially after being able to pass the DMV eye test without wearing corrective lenses! I am very grateful for all that Dr. Jonathan Davidorf and everyone at Davidorf Eye Group did for me.

The laser correction in my right eye and Visiogen Synchrony dual optics lens and subsequent laser correction in my left eye have made it possible for me to no longer have to wear glasses.

Thank you so much,
– Susan Hernandez (BIOPTICS)

My personal experience with Davidorf Eye Group is one beyond excellence on all accounts. In fact, there is not one person that does not have the word ?beloved? before their names to describe how truly special they are. Together, and individually, they work as a team with the highest level of professionalism, knowledge, courtesy and the most caring hearts. A true example of what other offices should follow. I have never had this amount of complete confidence with any place of medical or business prior to my experience at Davidorf Eye Group. Each doctor and staff member in every single area including front reception, back office, scheduling and optical ? simply everyone, excels at what they do. I truly have a very special place in my heart for everyone there. I can not recommend anyone more highly. Davidorf Eye Group is the best!
– Susan Block

I am writing to commend you for my recent cataract removal and ReSTOR lens implant surgery. For my entire life I have had severe nearsightedness. In recent years, I have also had severe astigmatism, plus farsightedness. Prior to the surgery, my best results came from gas permeable multifocal lenses.

The idea of surgery frightened me. I was fearful of the procedure and also of the consequences if it went wrong. I was sick and tired, however, of having to depend upon contacts and glasses. Initially, we were thinking LASIK, but, since you discovered the beginning of cataracts, we went instead with cataract surgery and ReSTOR multifocal lens implants. You discussed the expectations of the surgery and mentioned that I may need glasses after the procedure.
Everything has exceeded my expectations. First, the surgery could hardly have been easier, less painful or less stressful. It took very little time and was entirely stress-free.

Second, the results of the surgery have been stunning. For the first time in my life, I have 20/20 vision. Other than using non-prescription sunglasses outside, I have no need for any kind of glasses or contact lenses. My vision now is better than it was with the multifocal gas permeable lenses. My vision now is better than it was in grade school!
– Richard Gibson

Cataract Patient Aces Table Tennis Championship

Neil Kuluva and Martin Sundel recently emerged as winners of the 70+ Doubles Event at the 2010 U.S. National Table Tennis Tournament in Las Vegas. The win was especially rewarding as they won the California Class A Event forty-five years ago, in 1965.

Both Neil and Marty have had previous cataract surgery. Neil’s procedure was with Dr. Jonathan Davidorf, who implanted the Toric intraocular lens to correct Neil’s astigmatism and improve his vision. Afterward Neil exclaimed, “See what can happen if you can see! The surgery with Dr. Davidorf and the Table Tennis were a great success.”
– Neil Kuluva and Martin Sundel

Dr Davidorf;

The entire experience was wonderful. Debra was great & the entire staff was fabulous! Professionalism was displayed by all & everyone was extremely helpful in answering all my questions.
– Lauren Takahashi

I had an excellent experience. My vision has never been better! I have already recommended this procedure to my mother and friends. Thank you for taking such good care of my eyes.
– Nicole Harper

Dr. Davidorf is the best! I couldn’t have imagined a better outcome after my Lasik procedure. I can actually see the alarm clock in the morning for the first time in 30 years. It is truly miraculous.
– Anonymous

Dr. Vartanian,

Thank you for being persistent and looking out for my best interest. It means a lot to have a doctor who is gifted and as caring as you are.
– Jeri Johns Sugarman

Thank you so much for all your care and attention, pre-op, during the procedure, and post-care (follow up) from you and Debra, Gabe and your assistants in the surgery room. Your practice is very thorough and made me feel at ease with the decision to have the IntraLasik vision correction procedure.

The day after the procedure I had 20/15 and 20/20 vision which was amazing since I had such a high prescription with astigmatism. The first week was an intense adjustment, but in only 2 weeks it feels like a new chapter in my life. Glasses-free and I still can?t believe it! It?s an amazing feeling after wearing glasses for 32 years since age 8. I no longer hide behind my glasses and am very glad I had the procedure done. I highly recommend it to everyone.
– Carol A.

Reading without glasses is wonderful. I no longer have to keep glasses with me wherever I go. Dr. Davidorf is great! He explained all my options and then helped me decide what would be best for me.
– Ida Vanderpoorte

I had been contemplating getting LASIK surgery for several years, but was quite apprehensive about having surgery on my eyes.
Finally my contacts gave me so many problems that I decided to have the surgery.
I was quite nervous when I went in the day of the surgery but everyone in the office eased my fears.
I felt confident that this was the best place to be. It?s one of the best things I?ve ever done.
I have to say I?m very happy with my new vision. I love waking up in the morning and being able to see and not have to deal with contacts.
The surgery itself was quick and totally painless. The recovery was unbelievably fast and Dr. Davidorf and his staff were always very professional and caring.
They explained everything to me and answered all of my questions.
My experience with the Davidorf Eye Group was very positive in every way.

Pratt & Whitney Rocketdyne
– Jean Odland

Lasik surgery is one of the best gifts I have ever given myself. I call it a gift because it is absolutely life changing and liberating to be able to see clearly on my own. Furthermore, it also feels like the burden of prescriptive lenses, contacts, solutions, etc. has been lifted.

Dr. Davidorf and his staff, every single one was helpful and kind in the visits before, during and after the procedure. There is really a sense in the office of honest care and dedication.

Thank you,
– Maayan C.

My lasik eye surgery experience was effortless from day one to the check up. My great experience started with a professional, friendly staff that noticed everything, from how I was situated in the chair to guiding me patiently through the readings and tests. Dr Jonathan Davidorf was attentive and so nice. He put me at ease right away and he was patient explaining all the details and my questions. Debra Samalot was wonderful to work with. She was well-informed in all details regarding my case and had endless amounts of information. The staff was able to calm my anxiety and stress the day of the surgery, and it was over before I knew it. I can not say enough good things about my experience! The results of my surgery were FANTASTIC!! I am so happy that I had made the big decision to do the surgery and was able to have this surgery done by Dr Davidorf and his team.
– Linda C.

I am writing this letter to describe how my LASIK procedure has positively affected the quality of my life. I would like my comments to be included as part of the record of the Ophthalmic Devices Panel meeting.

I am an IT Project Manager and work at a computer for long periods of time. Prior to LASIK, I wore soft contact lenses for at least 15 hours a day. My eyes would get very irritated (itchy, scratchy and dry) and I couldn?t wait to take my contacts out in the evening. Because of my astigmatism, my contacts did not always feel comfortable in my left eye (my fingers were in my eye all the time moving my lens around). Periodically I would get debris in my eye while driving and have to pull over on the side of the road to ?fix? my contact lens.
I also refrained from doing a lot of swimming for fear of losing my contacts in the water. I would try not to get my head wet or splash around with my kids for fear of getting water in my eyes.

I hated wearing glasses because they would often feel uncomfortable behind my ears and on the bridge of my nose. It was a pain to go out in the cold, snowy weather growing up in the Midwest. My glasses would fog up or get wet from the precipitation. I was constantly cleaning them. Contacts were my only option back then. Needless to say, I was ecstatic to learn about the advancements in LASIK over the years.

As a former employee of an ophthalmic medical device company, I have seen and read about the countless benefits of LASIK surgery and was encouraged to have LASIK performed on my eyes. After my consultation, my doctor recommended that I have LASIK done on my right eye and PRK done on my left eye due to the position and thickness of a corneal scar. I have to admit that I had concerns about the recovery of my left eye, and was not sure if I should have the procedure done. After further discussion with my doctor and better understanding of the overall risks, I decided to undergo the procedure.

It has only been six weeks since my procedure. My right eye was 20/15 the day after surgery. My left eye is now 20/20 and keeps getting better as the weeks go by. I cannot tell you how liberating this experience has been for me. I don’t have to clean my lenses every morning/evening, and I don’t have itchy, scratchy eyes anymore. I can see the alarm clock on my nightstand. I am so excited to go swimming with my family this summer, as I truly believe I will enjoy the beach experience a lot more.

I would strongly encourage others to undergo this procedure. The recovery from LASIK is remarkably fast. My left eye (PRK) was slower to recover, but the results are well worth it.

– Pamela

This letter is submitted for the Ophthalmic Devices Panel Meeting regarding LASIK surgery.

Without a doubt, having LASIK surgery has changed my life! I had worn contacts and glasses for 25 years and had chronic eye infections, not to mention a tremendous negative impact on my quality of life. I could not jog, swim, or bike ride and dealt with low self esteem issues. In fact, when my daughter was born via C-section, I could not even see her when they held her up for the first time until someone brought me my glasses.

I am a stay at home mom with two kids and we are always on the go! I did not have time or energy to deal with doctor appointments and chronic infections. The regimen of antibiotic and steroid drops was also frightening for long term use. After a very successful LASIK surgery and extremely short recovery time, I am a new person! I wake up very happy and ready to take care of my kids. I have joined a gym and ride bikes with my children. We are going on a vacation and I will get to swim with the dolphins this year! This is an experience that I could never have shared with my family before.

I also just “feel” great. I can wear make-up any time I want to. Before I would always hide behind dark glasses, and now I don’t have to do that. The positive impact affects every area of my life! My only regret is that I did not do this much sooner!

Thank you
– Name Undisclosed

Staff was always kind, helpful, and efficient. Dr. Jonathan Davidorf was friendly and made me feel very comfortable (even during surgery). He kept everything light. My experience was simple and quick. Your office is very accommodating.

Thank you very much.
– Name Undisclosed

I have been seeing (no pun intended) Dr. Davidorf for many, many years. From day one, I have felt comfortable under his care. Dr. Davidorf treats my husband as well as my sons, one of whom is diabetic.

I could not be happier with the Davidorf Eye Group or my Lasik surgery. The surgery took just minutes and I was never worried or anxious.

I would recommend (and have recommended) my friends and family to Dr. Davidorf.
– Name Undisclosed

For many years, I have put off this procedure for many of reasons. Yet, as I sit here now, able to glance out my window at the beauty around me, I am forever grateful. Grateful for the freedom that this procedure has given me, especially as an athlete and mother. I find at night, I still by habit, walk to the bathroom to remove my contacts? I don’t think it has hit me in its entirety. But, I thank you and your staff in advance for allowing me to swim in the pool with my kids without the fear of a contact popping out, going bicycling without a fear of debris, crying when I want to, without my contact popping out which then leads to a panic as I’m on my knees on the floor! Ha ha

Thank you all!
– Name Undisclosed

Thanksgiving Vision: Spiritual Lessons Learned during LASIK Surgery

A few days before Thanksgiving, almost 35 years to the day that the world first went blurry for me, I decided to get LASIK surgery. The steady hand of master ophthalmologist Dr. Jonathan Davidorf of the Davidorf Eye Group in West Hills performed LASIK surgery on my eyes, and in the process gave me something else to be thankful for this Thanksgiving. It was truly a spiritual experience. The hours before the procedure passed by in a blur. No need for worry: the dangers of LASIK appear to be miniscule and Dr. J (as Jonathan Davidorf is known), who literally wrote a book on LASIK; there is beauty in this world that one should stop to behold. So before shuffling my children off to school, I examined the faces of each of them, pausing to draw a detailed mental picture (freckles and all) if their features. Later I stood silently outside, sweeping my eyes 360 degrees around, taking in the rainbow of colors that make up the fall foliage. Wow, how could I not notice the multiple hues of reds and greens, yellows and gold, peach and pink? Then, precisely at 3:00 pm, after kissing my wife, I walked forth into the Doctor’s office glancing back one more time just to see her smiling face framed by flaming red hair that I love so?

The procedure ended quickly as I expected. I tried out my shapely new eyes by reading successful the clock halfway across the room. At this point I wondered, now that Doctor Davidorf, so patient and calming, finished doing God’s work to open the eyes of the blind, will I merely see better? Or will this make me more appreciative of my life and the world around me?

I wrote Thanksgiving Vision: spiritual Lessons Learned during LASIK Surgery about my spiritual experience of LASIK surgery.
– Name Undisclosed

The doctor and staff were amazing. I still wake up every morning squinting only to realize that I can see. The procedure was pleasant, painless, and unbelievable. My sight seems to get better as time goes on. I’ve recommended this office to everyone I know. Thank you again to all the doctors and staff.

You guys really do wonderful work.
– Les

Dr Davidorf and the entire staff made me feel very comfortable and confident about my surgery. My care afterward was exceptional. Now that 6+ months have passed since my surgery, I am thrilled each day! I do not need to wear glasses anymore for distance or reading vision! What a miracle. I was a slave to my glasses and now I am free! I can participate in water sports without the fear of a blurry word. I can read a menu in a dark restaurant. I can drive without worrying about having my prescription sunglasses! I am going to participate in the marathon in Hawaii this December without a vision problem. I am excited!

Thank you,
– Pam W.

I was referred to Dr. Jonathan Davidorf by a friend and had very high expectations of him and his staff from the start. I can sincerely say that all of my expectations were met, and then some!

It has only been 5 days since my LASIK and PRK procedure and I am extremely happy with the results. The warm and caring staff gave me detailed instructions on post-operative care and even color-coded my eye drops to make things that much easier.

Thank you Dr. Davidorf for improving my vision and thanks to everyone for a pleasant experience! I will refer all my friends to your center.

– Pam T.

Dear Dr. J,

Thank you so much for giving me back my vision. I started to wear glasses when I was 9 years old. At 53 years old I had finally said no more! My sister, suggest having the laser correction done by you, Dr. J. I had remembered reading about you in an article about laser correction and knew you were a leader in the industry.

On my first visit to you office I could tell I had made a wonderful choice, by the way all the examinations were so thorough. I’m now 20/20 in both eyes, one for farsightedness, one for nearsightedness.

Thank you again for my sight. See you in June. Please thank everyone in your office for me too!

– Mary R.

I’m so thrilled with the results of the procedure and feel very confident that I chose the best doctor! Debra was very warm and helpful and so knowledgeable. Having LASIK has improved my quality of life beyond what I ever could imagine. After wearing contacts for 25 years, I feel like a new person. What I think set this experience apart for me is how thorough all the pre-op tests were. The only thing I would recommend is to improve the front office- it was very busy and a very long wait. This sort of diminished the personal feeling and connection with the tech, Debra and the doctor. Other than that extremely satisfied and would absolutely recommend only Dr. J for this procedure.

(mother of 2)
– Marti L.

My experience with the laser vision correction was very positive throughout the preoperative visit went smoothly and the staff friendly and efficient. Debra Samalot, in particular was warm and friendly. She answered my questions knowledgably and took the time to be sure I understood the process of surgery day. She even offered to hold my hand and when the day came, I was thankful for her presence!

Dr. Jonathan Davidorf was friendly and seemed genuinely concerned about the success of my surgery, this follow up call later that evening was truly appreciated.

I will most definitely and have already recommended your office to family and friends.

– Martha N.

I was very nervous to undergo laser eye surgery, but after my evaluation at Davidorf Eye Group. I felt completely at ease and confident with the expertise and competence of Dr. J and his team. They were very accommodating to my schedule and sensitive to my needs. When it came time for the actual procedure, I had no doubt that my eyes and vision were in great hands. As soon as the procedure was over, I was able to see very well and I was well taken care of for my post operative needs. It is such a joy to be able to see clearly without the aid of contact lens or glasses.

– Marrianne M.

Dear Davidorf Eye Group,

I want to thank Christine Nehme, she explained everything so well and she also was a very big help to me as a patient. All of the staff were very nice as well as, Debra Samalot she answered all of my questions. Dr Jonathan M. Davidorf, I was very well taken care of. And for my vision it’s very good. So again, I want to thank all of you for everything.

Thanks everyone,
– Luis C.

My overall experience has been good. I am very thankful for the procedure and am amazed at my new sight. Thank you very much.

The actual procedure, I felt, was difficult. I felt very anxious and confused about the “red light”. I felt it was moving around and hard to look at. I was told to keep looking straight up and it was moving. I was worried I was doing something wrong and that I may alter the procedure.

I think the valium could have been given earlier and that it was not enough. I can’t imagine doing it without it.

Everyone in your office was professional and knowledgeable. I would recommend you to all I know.

With Much Appreciation,
– Lisa

As a Neurosurgeon, I was obviously concerned about my ability to use the microscope and all that is critical to visualization. I am so amazed that my vision is great! I do not have to adjust the oculars on the dissecting microscope in surgery! I do not need any glasses at all, except occasionally with night driving if I am exhausted! I have no dryness! My only regret is that I waited so many years before finding Dr. Jonathan to solve my visual problems and greatly improve my quality of life. I am truly grateful.

– Deborah H.

Dear Dr. Davidorf,

Please accept my sincere gratitude and appreciation to you. Raida, and the rest of your magnificent staff. My surgery on October 19, 2006 was a complete success. I believe I am even seeing now better than with the best contact lenses. Not only is my vision clear from the moment I wake up, but I can also read a newspaper often without reading glasses for the first time in years.

I couldn’t be happier with the results of your efforts, and I thank you for you and your office expertise, compassion and kindness.

Warmest Regards,
– Jon L.

Dear Dr. Davidorf,

My vision is great thanks to you. I’ll recommend your services every chance I get.

Thanks again,
– Jake H.

As a longtime member of the HealthCare profession I have become somewhat cynical and often critical of matters involving medical care. Therefore, I am especially gratified by the quality of care I received by the Davidorf Eye Group for Laser Vision Correction surgery. I was very impressed with the technical staff (I dealt mostly with Gabe, also Hailey). They seemed knowledgeable and professional. I like their efficiency, without seeming rushed or overworked. The surgery coordinator (Debra) was nothing but class. She described the procedure from the beginning to end letting me know exactly what to expect. I congratulate, and thank, Dr. Jonathan Davidorf on being such a skilled surgeon, obviously at the top of his profession. He was personable, answered all my questions, and was honest with me. He and his staff were so competent they allayed all my anxiety. AND, I am so impressed with my “new eyes”!

Thank you,
Respiratory Therapist
– Jesse L.

I continue to be ecstatic bout my new vision. Although I thoroughly researched the Intra Lasik procedure on my own, I was pleasantly surprised by the professionalism I received from you and your staff. I felt that my safety and satisfaction were (and are) your first priority, and that I had all of the information necessary to make a well-informed decision.

I truly appreciate your bedside manner during the procedure. I must admit, I was not exactly thrilled by the thought of having a flap cut into my eyeball so that a laser could burn the inside of my peepers. Thoughts of Clockwork Orange coursed through my mind. But your constant assurances and explanations made the procedure go by in the blink of an eye (sorry, had to do it).

All in all, my experience with the Davidorf Eye Group vastly exceeded all of my expectations. I will enthusiastically recommend you to any of my friends interested in the procedure.

Thank you, thank you, thank you,
– Chip J.

I have the distinct pleasure of sending you and the staff my testimonial of having the most excellent level of patient care in the June 21, 2007 LASIK correction in my right eye for Hyperopia and astigmatism.

To my delight you’ll had improved my vision in the right eye from 20/80 to 20/30 within a few minutes following LASIK correction and that I was able to return to work the very next day at “The Boeing Company”, Huntington Beach.

Also this LASIK vision correction completely eliminated my spectacle intolerance due to the anisometropia condition.

I am absolutely delighted every time I use the computer daily both at work and home without those intolerable spectacles which were trifocal with a slab off that caused double vision.

May God continue to bless you and the staff at Davidorf Eye Group.


The Boeing Company
– Charles L.

My feelings on the whole LASIK procedure from the staff to the actual results are simple. Why in the world didn’t I do this sooner? I truly feel that being given back my sight without the use of contacts or glasses is possibly the greatest gift I have ever received. I wholeheartedly recommend this procedure to anyone. The skill of Dr. Davidorf and the professionalism of his staff is unmatched.

– Brett R.

I had a great experience from the beginning to the end I especially like how knowledgeable Debra was and I especially liked how she went into the OR with me and held my hand.

I also appreciated that when the procedure was happening the doctor talked me through every step and let me know what was going to happen before he did it.

Thanks a bunch,
– Breanna S.