Diabetic Eye Care Los Angeles

Diabetes has many adverse effects on a person’s life. It is a difficult condition and one that requires a lot of attention, however, it is not impossible to live with diabetes. One thing people with diabetes need to be particularly mindful of is their eye care. High blood sugar can affect the blood vessels in the eyes leading to what is known as diabetic retinopathy.

Control Your Diet and Prioritize Eating Healthy

Your diet is the lifestyle factor that will have the most significant impact on how you live your life with diabetes. Your nutrition affects your blood sugar, so it only makes sense to be extremely mindful of what kinds of foods you are consuming. A diagnosis of diabetes is not a jail sentence of only eating bland foods for the rest of your life and diabetic eye care does not require you to trade in the occasional chocolate cake for a lifetime of kale. But you will need to use a high level of judgement when making diet choices and exercise extreme moderation when enjoying the occasional indulgence.

Make sure the majority of your meals consists of fruits, vegetables, and good whole grains. Foods with added sugar, empty calories, and bad carbs should be extremely limited if not avoided altogether. Eating healthy does not mean you can’t enjoy eating. Take a cooking class or look up fun, healthy recipes to have fun while eating well.

Get Up, Get Moving, and Get Active

Exercise can lower your blood sugar by increasing the amount of glucose your body uses. Get up and get moving. Deciding to live a more active lifestyle does not mean you need to engage in any serious, strenuous activity. Simply committing to a daily evening walk or a morning jog can do wonders for your overall health and your diabetic eye care. Consider signing up for a class that motivates you to move whether it is a dance class or spinning. If you are doubtful that you will be able to motivate yourself, visit your local gym and talk to someone about hiring a personal trainer. An investment in your health is one of the best investments you can make.

Visit Your Doctor Regularly and Follow Their Advice

Perhaps the biggest mistake people make is failing to visit their doctor, especially when they have a diagnosis like diabetes. Visit your doctor for check-ups to verify that you are healthy and if necessary, address any serious complications or problems. If you have diabetes, visiting your eye doctor regularly as well is highly recommended to ensure that you are staying on top of your diabetic eye care.

Great diabetic eye care starts with great eye care professionals, and our dedicated eye doctors and specialists at Davidorf are ready to sit down with you and discuss your overall eye care and conduct check ups. Give us a call or stop by our West Hills location to start addressing your diabetic eye health today.