dry eye malibu

Dry eyes are just a fact of life for many people but have you ever wondered what causes them? Dry eyes occur when your eyes can’t produce enough tears and can be a result of aging, certain medications, and various medical conditions like diabetes and thyroid disorders.

Because your tears protect the surface of your eyes, complications can occur from dry eyes. Dry eyes can lead to vision problems, inflammation of the eye, or eye infections. But even if none of these occur, dry eyes are just annoying and interfere with the daily activities you enjoy.

If you routinely get dry eyes you don’t just have to grin and bear it. Here are five ways you can prevent dry eyes in the future:

  1.     Use artificial tears

Artificial tears are lubricant eye drops that treat dry and irritated eyes. They can be a good tool to combat dry eyes and you can pick them up without a prescription. There are a number of different brands to choose from but if your eyes are particularly sensitive you might find that preservative-free brands can help.

  1.     Use a humidifier in the winter

In the winter, running your furnace regularly tends to dry the air out. Running a humidifier can help add some moisture back into the air and give your eyes some relief.

  1.     Avoid cigarette smoke

There are many reasons why you should avoid smoking or exposing yourself to second-hand smoke. But if you regularly experience dry eyes, cigarette smoke can irritate them further.

  1.     Give your eyes regular breaks

Have you ever noticed that your eyes feel dry after reading for long periods of time? People who spend a lot of time working on their computer can have this problem as well. It can help to regularly allow your eyes to take a break. This will also help prevent eye strain.

  1.     Apply a warm washcloth to your eyes

Close your eyes and then gently lay a warm washcloth on top of your eyes. This can help release the oil in your glands and improve the quality of your tears.

Dry eyes are usually a recurring condition so it is helpful to have some tools up your sleeve to help you manage them. However, if your dry eyes continue to bother you or they become worse, it is a good idea to see you ophthalmologist to discuss further treatment options. Click here to schedule an appointment with an eye doctor at Davidorf Eye Group.